Growing and Transformed children transforming the society.


Help Children know God and make Him Known through evangelism, teaching and discipleship.


To teach is to transform lives forever!

Statement of Purpose

The Children Ministry exists to supplement and complement the family in the effort of lay a spiritual foundation that in Gods timing it will lead a child into a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Proverbs 22:6


  • Giving every child opportunity to Know and receive Jesus Christ
  • Building and strengthening, mentoring relationships between children and teachers
  • Identifying and addressing transitional issues for all ages groups
  • Encouraging regular participation of Children in the corporate worship
  • Identifying, nurturing gifts and talents in children

The Organisation of the Ministry

The Children Ministry is composed of Pastor(s), Coordinating team, Working team, Class conveners, Teachers, Children and their Parents. There are seven working teams which are:-

  • Worship
  • Curriculum
  • Missions and Church
  • Programs
  • Social
  • Class conveners
  • Parents Teacher’s Fellowship (PTF)
  • Discipleship, Care & Visitation

Daily Vocational School Classes

These are classes every Sunday from baby class to class 8 in all the three services. Every class has at least 2 teachers for upper classes and 3-4 teachers in the lower classes.


Daily Vocational Bible School (DVBS)

This takes place every August Holidays on Monday to Friday for one week only, from 8:00am to 12:30pm. On the Sunday of DVBS week is children’s Department day during which some of the children are baptized.


Highlights of Passage Experiences (HOPES)

This program is designed to effect transitional period from childhood to teenage hood for the children between class six to eight and ends with a December HOPES camp for the children in class eight (KCPE) or even class seven (GCE) who are joining high school. It has a curriculum structured to address issues touching the children’s day to day life and includes an extensive teaching which encompasses spiritual, emotional & physical growth, personal grooming and career development. Parents are involved in this program partnering with the teachers. Activities are put in place such as; mother/daughter, father/son day and other sessions for the parent to help mentor their children.


Easter & Christmas Programs

The children get a chance to minister to the congregation exposing their talents inn dance, drama and music.

Children Prayer Day

This takes place every year in November and the children meet together to pray for the nation of Kenya, Africa and the world at large.


Bible Clubs

We reach out to children in their estates through Bible Club programs.


Mission & Outreach

The children donate clothes, foodstuffs and other items as the Lord leads and have the chance to visit children’s home, or go for a mission out of Nairobi. The month of September is Missions month.

The children ministry also partners with the ministry of education through the Pastoral program of instruction (PPI). This program seeks to reach out to primary school going children in our public and private schools. Our main purpose is to develop a holistic child that is thoroughly prepared to transform his own world. We have developed a saying that says, “if the mountain does not come to you, go where it is”. We usually teach these children for thirty five minutes once a week. At the moment we have adopted four schools that include State house primary, Shadrack Kimalel, Kilimani and Milimani primary schools. God is doing something in these 4-14 widow. Kindly consider giving to the work of God your thirty five minutes once a week and you will transform a whole generation through the power of the Holy Spirit that is at work in you.


Requirements to Join this Ministry

Anyone can get involved as long as he/she meets the following:

  1. Be a born again Christian.
  2. Be a Registered member of the church for at least one year.

How to Join this Ministry

The ministry will facilitate training for you to teach effectively.

  1. Find time and speak to the children Pastor.
  2. Find any teacher and tell him/her your desire and you will be assisted.