“We are not responsible to God for the soul that are saved, but we are responsible for the Gospel that is preached, and for the way in which we preach it.”

— Charles Haddon (CH) Spurgeon

Nourishment/Teaching Ministries

Children Ministry

The Children ministry exists to supplement and complement the family in the effort of lay a spiritual foundation that in Gods timing it will lead a child into a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Teens Ministry

Family Care & Enrichment Ministry


Safari Growing Together Groups

Fellowship Ministries

Youth Ministry Affimity Groups

Young Professionals

Men Ministry

Golden Edgers Ministry

Women Ministry

Saturday PM

This is a City Service for Nairobi, where we walk through the Bible, chapter by chapter, book by book.

Service Ministries

Hospitality Ministry

Ushering Ministry

Music Ministry

Creative Arts, Drama & Sound

WeSom ministry

Holy Communion

Counseling Ministry

Missions & Outreach Ministry

Social Action & Governance

Prayer & Intercessory Ministry