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The Baptism in The Holy Spirit

Message from . February 25, 2024. Category: Holy Spirit, Sunday Sermon

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Who are we?

Vision & Mission

ornament1 A Community of Believers Impacting the World with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through the transforming Power of the Holy Spirit.

Our History

ornament1 Our history dates back to 1952 when John McBride a PAOC missionary arrived in Nairobi with the vision of establishing a church. The first church services were held at Rahimtulla Hall near Jevanjee Street.

Our Services

ornament1 First Service: (08:30 – 10:30)AM, Youth Service: (08:30 – 10:30)AM, Second Service: 11:30AM – 01:30PM, Teens Service: 11:30AM – 01:30PM, Sunday School: (08:30 – 10:30)AM & 11:30AM – 01:30PM
Prayer Services: Mon – Fri -> Morning Glory – (06:30-07:30)AM, Lunch Hour (1-2)PM, Every Tuesday -> Prayer Service – (06:00-7:30)PM


ornament1We have various ministries at Valley Road that a registered member can serve under. They include;

Upcoming Events