Bishop Dr. David Oginde

SERMON: 14th June 2020 PREACHER: Bishop Dr. David Oginde

  1. July 8, 2020

    Hi Bishop,

    “The Mark of the Beast.”

    After thorough scriptures search and with distinct lucid eloquence, you opened the inside eyes of many Christians Globally, only to render a Spiritual, technical error toward the finishing line.
    1. It is correct that God will never do anything without making it known to us.
    2. It also right that God created us and wants us to worship and him alone.
    . Satan knows those two statements very well, and he cannot, therefore, come openly with Micro- cheap to put on us. Your subject of Revelation falls short of declaring to the audience that the Holy Spirit can give us a discernment to unearth the tricky ways of Satan. The whole reason for the Micro-cheap is to gain control of our lives so that we become his subject, commanding us at will. This act, to me, is worshipping Satan. Remember, you are preaching to different categories of people Globally—some young in faith and some mature. The fact that Bishop said he could take the cheap if Jesus tarries is a disastrous statement and the person to correct this is you. The sooner, the better. The best average account would have been, “I leave that to you to make a decision.”
    Rev. Dr Alfred Ochieng

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